Helping Enterprise and SME build better products faster

  • WHAT?

    Will help you:

    • Discover products that are valuable, usable and feasible.
    • Build startups and Innovate inside existing companies.

    Product Management

    Defining (in detail) the product to be built, and validating with real customers/users.

    • Launch great products
    • Prioritize and plan features
    • Design, Develop and Test
    • Understand users and their problems
    • Track and optimize key metrics

    Lean Startup

    A way to find scalable business models quickly

    • Business Model/Lean Canvas
    • Value Proposition Canvas
    • Customer Development
    • Jobs to be done
    • Agile Development/MVP
  • HOW?

    The best way to innovate, the best way to build products.

    The best of both

    Product Management works best using parts of the philosophy, process and tools from Lean Startup.


    Lean Startup is based on Validated Learning, Experimentation and Frequent Release (Iteration).


    This philosophy applied with corresponding processes and tools improves speed and output

    across all 3 'Horizons' of Products/Services (ref. Steve Blank) :

    - Mature Products/Established Capabilites

    - Rapidly Growing

    - Options for Future Opportunities


    The degree of innovation at each of these Horizons is defined by whether the business model is being executed, extended or explored.


    Working with a range of Enterprise and SMEs across a number of categories helps the10x to cross reference and balance Product Management/Lean Startup to meet project requirements.

  • No, really…what?

    All this means doing things like:


    Helping one of South Africa's largest financial institutions make product. business and marketing teams work together at the same time as developing new products and moving the whole company closer to their customer.


    Building and executing a Pan-African Go To Market plan for an International Insurance/Loyalty group : in small steps, being smart, reducing their risk and finding out fast.


    Helping a Global market leader in the Leisure/Health Industry with a cross functional rapid experimentation team working on Horizon 3 disruptive innovation.


    Helping some medium sized companies in a range of industries decide if and how they should sell new products to their existing customers (without spending huge amounts of time and money)


    Helping some small companies in a very wide range of industries work out everything about what to do next or new things to start based on being smart, reducing their risk and finding out fast.

  • WHO?

    Companies working/ed with (Please contact for details/Case Studies)


    Africa's largest payments clearing house, facilitator of trusted payment transactions and integrated solutions

    Collinson Group

    A global leader in shaping & influencing customer behaviour driving revenue & adding value.


    A leading technology incubator focused on developing & commercializing disruptive technologies

    Maritz Africa

    Information & business intelligence for African business people & foreign investors


    An Enterprise Social Network offering a wide set of features to boost individuals, teams & an organization


    Customer relationship experts driving loyalty & devotion creating advocates & turning relationships into profit


    JD Edwards software, services & support to increase performance, reduce costs & eliminate risks.

    Virgin Active

    A leading international health club operator

  • Training

    Sometimes the best way to kick-off a new initiative is with an outcome focused, practical In-house or off-site session from 1/2 a day to 3 days.

    the10x regularly provides these tailored to the client's needs.


    Want to find out more/read/listen?

    We've assembled a collection of resources we use (and sometimes lend…)

  • FAQ

    Question not here? Get in touch

    I'm not a tech company - how does this help me?

    Technology is what I use, not what I do…

    If you want to launch or build better products, understand your customers and ultimately to grow faster than you are at the moment, then this will help you. Specifically:

    • Don't waste time and money on things that aren't driving your business or value for your customers
    • Understand what to build and/or add to your products/solutions
    • Create a culture of action and learning - get further, faster

    Is my business too small/big for this to help?

    I'm an SME / I work at Monolith plc.…

    No - this works for businesses of all sizes.

    • SME: Even though they may not be a tech company, all SMEs share many of the same challenges - operating in an environment of high uncertainty, needing to understand their customers/the value of their solution and striving to reach sustainability. They often have less resources/financial runway than established businesses. They need to understand what works and what doesn't - fast.
    • Enterprise: Large enterprises face challenges with not just disruptive innovation but also sustaining/incremental innovation. They need to innovate continuously but often also have to be the 'performance engine' of a successful business. Also they often want to retain or regain the entrepreneurial characteristics which made them successful - entrepreneurship is management.

    Are you expensive/How do I get ROI?

    How much does all this cost?…

    Cheaper than using a huge consulting firm, more expensive than Wikipedia.

    • When working with SMEs we often charge a reduced multiple of our industry day rate (which is already competitive) and subsequently look for opportunities to invest.
    • If not, introductory sessions/workshops are a good way to spread cost.

    We use a range of measures for calculating results which have included:

    1. Lag: revenue, revenue growth, product margin, cost of sales and profitability.
    2. Lead: Roadmap, Customer meetings, Speed to market, response rate, adoption and satisfaction.
    3. Business Outcome: Investment raised, company valuation and Return.

    Why don't you just call it Lean Product Management?

    The world needs more 'Lean' things…

    No - the world doesn't need any more 'Lean XYZ' business books, Slideshare presentations or podcasts. Besides which, we've already read/listened to them all - for you :)


    Most important is to understand and apply the priorities and weighting of various concepts from this new and exciting body of management. It is easy to misunderstand and misuse the variety of principles, processes and tools.


    The best approach is to understand the big principles but then to apply and make it your own in a realistic way.

    Why the10x?

    What's with the name?…

    • For customers to switch to a new idea or product, it has to be 10x better than their current solution.
    • 10x is often identified with startups as applied to the best software developers for their purported contribution to productivity relative to the average allowing them to do more with less.
    • 10x was the original criteria for the selection of companies in 'Great by Choice'  (Jim Collins) as they outperformed the general market by this amount.
    • 10x is a mandate for innovation as it is often easier to try and make something 1000% better than to try and improve it by 10%
    • In general it is an approach that requires rethinking problems entirely, exploring the edges of what’s technically possible - overcoming existing tools and assumptions

    Where can I read/hear more?/Do you do training?

    Is it just hype?…

    1. More Here - (see books we read, podcasts we listen to and the occasional blog post in our Liblograry (10x more unpronounceable but 10x more useful))
    2. Training? Yes - we do, see here
    3. (P.S. We're kidding  - it's not called the Liblograry - obviously it's called the Blibrarog)
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  • About

    Kevan Christmas


    My Path:

    (Now) Consulting < Startups < Mobile Social Networks < Mobile NPD < Digital

    < Customer Engagement < Advertising < Loyalty <Marketing (Then)


    From 2009, after a successful international career in Marketing Communications and Management, I focused heavily on Product Development/Management, Digital (particularly Mobile/Web) and Payments.


    In 2012 I returned from a 3 year ZA/UK role in Product and Mobile R&D (working with 3 remote Agile teams) for an International Insurance, Travel and Technology company to become COO of Mxit - at that time Africa's largest mobile social network with 6m+ subscribers.


    By 2013 I was also CEO of Mxit Money (which was subsequently wound up but lay the foundation for Snapscan with Standard Bank.) From then to March 2014, I worked with the partner for both Mxit Money and Snapscan : FireID - primarily on their 2FA mobile product but also across a range of opportunities being incubated.


    Following a successful exit, since March 2014 I have been a consultant using my expertise and experience in Product Management, Agile and Lean Startup.


    I have added to my skill-set with a number of courses including:

    • Web Development/Coding (Foundations of Programming, html, css and javascript)
    • Agile Product Ownership
    • Product Management
    • Business Model/Value Proposition Canvas
    • Jobs to be done/Customer Development.

    During this period I have (and continue) to work also with a number of startups and small businesses plus occasional assignments with medium/larger companies.

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